New Featured Member – Unni

UnniUnni Kim joins our hall of fame, also known as a ‘Featured Member’. Unni joined Frontunners just over 5 months ago and has just recently completed her first full marathon which she is very proud of, and rightly so!

Visit Unni’s page for the full interview: Unni Kim

Pride Run Contest

Vancouver Frontrunners are happy to announce that we have an online Facebook contest with the grand prize being:

  • Complimentary Entry to the Pride Run & Walk 2014
  • Free Technical T-Shirt, and
  • $25.00 gift voucher to the Running Room

Simply visit our Facebook page and click on the ‘Pride Run Contest’ tab, fill out the form and submit. It’s too easy.

You can increase your chances of winning by sharing the contest with your friends. Any friends that enter score you an additional entry.

So what are you waiting for? Visit https://www.facebook.com/vancouver.frontrunners now and Enter to Win!

Entries close on July 10th.

Congratulations Frontrunners

It is with a great deal of pride that we are able to announce that just over 30% of our member base participated in the recent “Vancouver 10km Sun Run” and the “BMO Full and Half Marathon”. This is an extraordinary participation rate and what’s even more exciting is the number of members who challenged themselves to either their first ever race, or to a whole new level of race.

Please join us in congratulating the following members (in no particular order):

Vancouver Sun Run

Neil Boucher Dan Dex
Brian Kerin Guy Le Ny
Bern McNicholl Kai Scott
Ian Wong – VFR Fastest Michael Zalter
Luke Landis (Wolf) Craig Elworthy
Gerry Tincher Xavier Toledo
John Vissers Leifka Vissers
Nic Galdamez – First 10km Bob Knall
Vince Wydenes Rick Lomas
Kyle Garneau – First 10km  

Race Results

BMO Half Marathon:

Conrad MacNeil – First Half, VFR Fastest Christopher Hawn
Khai Pham Alex Cheung – First Half
Eric Jemetz – First Half Don Glass
Laurie Reemeyer Michael Wong – running for Tom Martin
Leifka Vissers Felipe Flores
Rob Eye – First Half Luke Landis (Wolf) – First Half
Guy Le Ny Michael Zalter

BMO Full Marathon:

Ian Wong – P.B and Boston Qualifier CD Saint – First Marathon
Rohan Hare – First Marathon Mark Rozenberg
Kai Scott – VFR Fastest Gar Fisher
Peter Scoates – Boston Qualifier Kangsoon Park – First Marathon
Bernard Baitang Michael Galway – Boston Qualifier
Unni Kim – First Marathon Jeffrey Chau – First Marathon
Nico Montagut – First Marathon  

 Race Results

It is with awe that we are able to watch our members continue to challenge and push themselves to new levels, achieving what they never thought was possible. CONGRATULATIONS!


Women’s Pride Run & Walk Prep Launch Party

by vanfrontrunners

On Thursday May the 1st, the women of Vancouver Frontrunners hosted a Pride Run & Walk preparation launch party for female runners and walkers. The event was to provide information on a 3 month clinic that the Vancouver Frontrunners are offering for free to give women an opportunity to not only help prepare for the 5km or 10km Pride Run/Walk, but to connect and engage with other women in the sport.

Not only was the launch party a huge success with a higher turnout than anticipated, we also gained quite a few more signups than we originally expected.

The first session being offered begins on Saturday May 3rd and it’s never too late to join. If you’re still interested in hearing more, fill out the form on our site by clicking here and we’ll make sure you receive all the info you need.

There’s no commitments, fees or expectations of any kind. Just show up and see for yourself what the Vancouver Frontrunners can offer you.

VFR Website Makeover

by vanfrontrunners

Vancouverfrontrunners.org just received a new and colourful makeover as part of a board decision to help keep Vancouver Frontrunners current and fresh.

After looking at our previous site design, newsletter template and other online channels, the board decided to bring our online presence into alignment with a fresh makeover of both our newsletters and website.

Now featuring our logo, easy access to social media channels, search functionality and various other improvements; we hope you find navigating our site easy, intuitive, and pleasant on the eye.

In the coming months, we also aim to upload engaging and relevant content to help better educate runners and walkers on the sport we love while also including features such as member of the month, video footage showing our regular run/walk routes and links to other websites we find helpful.

Be sure to follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook and check back here regularly for all the latest.

The Women of Vancouver Frontrunners Present…

by vanfrontrunners

…Pride Run & Walk Training & Group Run/Walks – 1st Saturdays and 3rd Wednesdays May, June, July.

With LAUNCH PARTY! Thursday 1st May 2014 – 6:30pm to 9:00pm at The Junction.

Calling all women runners and walkers – if you’re thinking of taking part in the 10th Annual Pride Run & Walk – then come and join us for our Pride Run & Walk Preparation Launch Event!
Even if you’ve not yet decided about the Pride Run & Walk and just want to meet up with us for a run / walk come and join us anyway.

Women of all abilities from complete beginner to experienced runners are very welcome. For beginners /novices we’ll offer training sessions and for experienced runners we’ll organize you into groups of similar goals/ability. Walkers will be grouped together.
Our 6 run/walks take place on Sat 3rd May; Weds 21st May; Sat 7th June; Weds 18th June; Sat 5th July; Weds 16th July. Put the dates in your calendar! It’s free.

For more info & to sign up, see our Women’s Prep. page by clicking here and don’t forget everyone is welcome to our launch party at The Junction on Thursday 1st May 2014. We have a Facebook event page located here for the launch party, so be sure to let us know you’re coming.

This year’s Pride Run And Walk is on Saturday 26th July with warm-up starting at 9:00am. Registration is open!



Quote, Fred Lebow

In running, it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, ‘I have finished.’ There is a lot of satisfaction in that.

-Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon co-founder

Pride Run, 2014

Vancouver Frontrunners is pleased to announce our annual Pride Run for 2014!

9.30am on Saturday the 26th of July at Brocton Oval in Stanley Park, we will see hundreds of colourful, eager and excited walkers and runners participating in either the 5km or 10km walk/run event.

Over $10,000 was raised for Out In Schools last year and this year we’re excited to include the Vancouver Pride Society’s QMUNITY Pride Legacy Fund as an additional beneficiary to Out In Schools. This year we’re setting our sights high, aiming to raise $12,000 for our community partners and continue to increase our runner and walker turnout.

Registration is now open for Individuals and teams of 5 people.

Something unique we’re proud to add to this year’s event is the introduction of a third gender category; ‘Gender Variant’. This helps recognize and celebrate those whose identities exist between or outside of the gender binary and enables Vancouver Frontrunners to help build a more inclusive and encompassing environment for everyone.

The finish line also happens to be conveniently located at the beginning of ‘Picnic in the Park’, hosted by the Vancouver Pride Society. There just couldn’t be a better way to end such a vibrant run/walk event.

So whether you’re an experienced runner, an avid walker or a motivated beginner, get your registration in now, set yourself a goal and come out to join us!

See you at the start line!

Be Fit, Be Fun, Be Yourself!

by vanfrontrunners

That motto could not describe Vancouver Frontrunners and Walkers any more accurately. We are an inclusive yet diverse club of runners and walkers of all abilities, providing a safe and friendly environment for the LGBT community and their friends.

Rain, hail or shine, we meet twice a week, every week of the year. Wednesday evenings we meet at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation center at 6.30pm, and Saturday mornings we meet at Brocton Oval in Stanley Park at 9.00am. Each location has a walking track, a 6km and an 8km track, so there’s something for everyone.

During Pride week we also host a 5km and 10km race for both walkers and runners, and this year’s registration details are coming out shortly. Stay tuned!

But it’s not all about running and walking, there’s a fun side to us as well! After our runs/walks we head out for brunch or dinner where you get a chance to mingle and socialize with fellow members. We also host a monthly social and have been known to throw a cocktail party, a ‘Learn to Curl’ event,  a celebration of Diwali, pre-Sun Run Carbo loading dinners – this month we’re heading to Robson Square for an evening of Ice Skating and Hot Chocolate!!!

So with spring just around the corner, why not dust of those shoes and come out to meet us? Membership isn’t a pre-requisite to join in and all are free to come and try us out.

There’s loads of information on this website however should you have any further questions, please contact us using our online form by clicking here.

Like us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/vancouver.frontrunners
Or follow us on twitter @VanFrontrunners

January’s Social Event – Curling

by vanfrontrunners

I think it’s time for me to come out of the closet.  Again.  I am a curling nerd.  So, when I had the chance to spend Saturday evening curling with the Frontrunners, I jumped on it.

Our endeavour started out with a lesson from the Pacific Rim Curling League’s Krista Frazee, who taught us everything from the geography of a curling sheet, to the basics of sweeping (my mom would be proud), to the art of hurling 42 pounds of granite across 150 feet of solid ice with the precision of a military sharpshooter.  After that, 24 of us divided up into six teams, and duked it out for the title of VFR’s Kings of Curling.

Having taken to the ice with the red stones, I skipped teammates Rohan, Nico, and Kai to a depressing first end: a score of 3 yellow.  Ouch.  Armed with the resolution to win, and the last rock, we faired slightly better in the second end: a biter from Nico, plus my last-ditch draw, and we’re on the board with 2.

Third end: a lucky “Plan B” shot by Kai gave us a rock smack-dab on the button, with two chances to score another.  Shot one, a take-out, and a miss.  The Yellow skip’s stone lands near the button, forcing a tight take-out for 2: we make it.  By the slightest of hairs, the yellow skip misses his last shot.  Praise Jeebus, we’ve won!
Naturally, a few beers in the VCC’s Last Rock Lounge soon followed.  Who am I to argue with centuries of curling tradition?

Some big thanks are in order: first, to our coach extraordinaire Krista Frazee (whom we hope will join us for a run very soon); second, to Shirley Mann, Christopher Ordog, Norm Scott, and the other wonderful folks at the Vancouver Curling Club; and finally, to the 23 wonderful Frontrunners with whom I shared a fantastic Saturday evening.

I’m secretly hoping this become an annual VFR event.
-Christopher Hawn

EDIT: A huge thank you to Christopher for organizing this awesomely fun social event. Bravo!